Hi All! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I haven’t had much personal time since school started. I am loving every bit of it though and wouldn’t change a thing!

There’s one thing that has been on my mind lately that I wanted to share.

I recently saw a commercial on TV for a reality show called My Big Fat Fabulous Life. I’ve never watched the show so I really don’t know what it’s about but it got me thinking. I know there has been a lot out there about body shaming whether you’re small or large… we should all love ourselves no matter what our body looks like and I can admit I’ve struggled over that recently but no one is perfect. It did get me thinking that no matter your size it’s still incredibly important to make sure you’re making healthful food choices as well as finding actives activities you enjoy doing.

** I will mention that I know obesity and being overweight isn’t something that just happens. There’s a lot more that goes into it than just food. Many times people have other health problems that make it sometimes impossible to keep the weight off or they have other emotional issues. I am not getting down on anyone here.

No matter our size it doesn’t make it alright to go out and eat what ever we want. You can be bigger and be healthy and smaller and not so healthy but one thing to pay attention to is the foods you’re eating and think about what health problems those may lead to in the future. No matter your size, you still want to be healthy and that doesn’t mean having a perfect fit body… what ever that may be. That means feeling good about yourself inside and out and by making the right choices from being active to what you put on your plate and in your body.

While I was writing this blog I did check out a bit of her show on YouTube and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. From the short commercial I saw I assumed her show was all about her embracing her size and possibly sending a mixed message of loving yourself for you are but at the same time promoting a less than healthful lifestyle. What I saw was the opposite. She has PCOS which is not easy to deal with, she’s pre-diabetic and she loves dancing. She’s started a dance class to encourage bigger women to move and exercise as well as showing her journey to kick pre-diabetes to curb. Just shows you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I think she will raise a lot of awareness for people to start taking better care of themselves as well being very relatable to most of the country who unfortunately happens to be overweight.

So, no matter your size remember that the key to feeling good and living a long healthful life is to move more, pay attention to what’s on your plate and find creative ways to deal with stress and make time for yourself.

My Sunday thoughts… Have a lovely week!