Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which kicks off this holidays season. With that said, I know it’s a day for people to go a little crazy when it comes to eating only to beat themselves immediately after. Does this sound familiar? Here are some tips to avoiding those guilty feelings while having your pie and eating it too, literally!

  1. Don’t go all day without eating!
    • If you think you’re saving yourself the extra calorie on a day like Thanksgiving by not eating all day, think again.
    • You know what happens when you starve yourself… you get hangry!
    • We just end up eating ravenously the minute the meal starts and don’t take breaks. Leading us to eat more than we probably would have if we just ate regularly the whole day.
  2. Eat slowly-
    • Did you know it takes your brain 20 minutes to register that you’re actually full?
    • Take small bites, set your fork down and don’t pick it up until you have completely swallowed and chewed your food.
    • This will allow you to eat less while you’re waiting for your brain to get the signal that you’re full.
    • *Bonus* this also helps with digestion. Chewing your food longer allows it get all the digestive enzymes in your saliva plus makes it smaller and easier for your stomach to digest and the rest of the way down.
  3. Stay hydrated!
    • Did you know that hunger can often mask thirst?
    • When you’re dehydrated your body feels drained of energy.
    • You often think that you need food to give you energy when in reality you may just be dehydrated.
    • If you’ve recently eaten, drink a big glass of water before you decide to eat more.
    • If that doesn’t help then, get up and move.
    • If you still feel sluggish maybe you just didn’t eat enough.
  4. Save the cocktail for dessert.
    • You actually tend to eat more food while your sipping and eating.
    • To avoid this, stay strong and save that cocktail for dessert.
  5. Get to the party a little bit late.
    • Don’t be rude of course.
    • Showing up a little bit late will save the time you may be snacking out of boredom or while you’re waiting for the meal to be served.
    • Plus, you can avoid some awkward conversations with people you don’t know if you’re not one of the first people there.
  6. Volunteer to bring something
    • Holiday parties tend to have some delicious not so healthy snacks.
    • If you know you’re a sucker for these, you should offer to bring something that’s a little healthier.
    • That way you have some control, know that there will be something healthy and can load up on that and have a little bit of everything else.
  7. Start your meal with some fiber filled foods
    • Foods like fruits and vegetables are great to have before a meal.
    • The fiber helps fill you up faster by slowing down digestion and keeps you full longer.
    • Start your dinner with a nice big delicious salad- those creamy dressings don’t count, sorry!
  8. Use the 4-7 rule
    • I love this rule. You always try eating between a 4 and 7.
    • 4 means that you’re hungry but would be ok with waiting 20-30 minutes to eat
    • 7 means that you could probably eat more but you would be satisfied if you stopped now.
    • 8 and up means that you ate too much and are reaching the point of being uncomfortably hungry
    • 3 and below means you’re ravenously hungry. And we all know what happens when that’s the case!
  9. Let yourself enjoy everything!
    • If you want a piece of pie, then eat it!
    • Don’t restrict yourself of the delicious food life offers.
    • Have it, enjoy it and don’t beat yourself up
    • Eventually, you will find that when you allow yourself small indulgences in the form of your comfort food it won’t feel so bad and you will slowly stop overindulging.
      • I’m proud of myself for having double chocolate cookies in my cupboard for over a week now. I would have finished the whole pack in one day a year ago!